Tree Name: Marty












 Local Temperature: Average summer temp 104°F

 Soil Moisture: 0.012m3/m3

 Tree Height: meters, Tree Branch Number: 45

 Moth Number: Average of less than one moth per tree

 Amount of Seeds per Pod: 215 


  Elevation: 1049 meters

  Scavenger Hunt Directions: From cap rock parking lot head toward the Joshua tree entrance 0.2 miles little parking area on the left. From sign “apostle of the cacti” head west 45 steps.



Profile Description 

Marty (38 years old)

Located at Twentynine Palms, CA

Gender nonconformist

So what to say about me.  I’m sort of introverted I guess.  I have friends and they’re always like “heyyyy” and they’re nice but it always seems like something’s missing when we hang out, like they don’t really get me.  I guess I’m sort of different. When I was little, I dreamed I saw a man in the distance. I looked up to ask my mother what was wrong with him. “Elephantiasis,” she said.  When I woke the next morning I remembered this word and asked again, “what is elephantiasis, mom?” Years later, I found myself in the same scene. As I looked up to my mother, I remembered, and heard the word elephantiasis again.

That really stuck with me.  I also dreamed my own death once.  Maybe that’s why I stay apart from the others.


The earth is round, the scientific process works

There is no black or white.  Every position is also its inverse.

Ignorance is the root of all ill.

Ill is the root of all ignorance.

Root is the ignorance of all ill.

Ill is ignorance of all roots.

The only certainty is of change, the certainty of systems, changing.

We can see the future.

I have always secretly fantasized about someone reading my diary and finally understanding me completely.

Featured writer Lindsey Scherloum

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