Tree name: Ellis











Local Temperature: Average summer temp 101°F

Soil Moisture: 0.029m3/m3

Tree Height: 8.4 meters, Tree Branch Number: 28

Moth Number: Average of less than one moth per tree

Amount of Seeds per Pod: 236


Elevation: 1114 meters

Scavenger Hunt Directions:  Head SE from Quail parking lot 160 steps off of the blacktop.


Profile Description

Tree #8: Ellis

Hi, I’m an 8.4 meter tree with 28 branches, making me quite the site in my neighborhood (I think that’s how you’re supposed to start these things?).  Recently, things have been getting a little lonely in the desert. You see, for most of my life yucca moths have visited me and my family every year without fail. Since we can’t travel very far (downside of roots: am I right?!?), we don’t get a lot of outside news, but the moths would let us know what was going on outside of Joshua Tree. Lately though, fewer moths have been coming, and while I love my family, conversation and growth has become stagnated. Ergo, why I decided to post on here: I’m hoping to find someone with legs or wings to become my companion. I don’t ask much, just to be visited at least once a year. Someone who will bring stimulating conversation, and who can make me laugh. If you enjoy stargazing that’s a plus too. Like I said, it’s just me and my family, and while I love them, I would welcome almost any outside conversation right now. Oh, and if you could tell me what’s happening to my moth friends, that’d be great too. I really miss those guys.

Likes: techno music, constellations, and fungi

Dislikes: fire, large bodies of water, and epic poetry


Featured writer Kari Lease


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