Tree Name: Esmerelda






“Hey Jtree”

Artist: VVD WNDWS © 2018





Local Temperature: Average summer temp 99°F

Soil Moisture: 0.056m3/m3

Tree Height: 7 meters, Tree Branch Number: 49

Moth Number: 10 per tree

Amount of Seeds per Pod: 250


Elevation: 1331 meters

Scavenger Hunt Directions:  From the Juniper flats parking lot walk down the dirt path by registration sign for 171 steps in the SW direction.



Profile Description

Tree # 11:  Esmerelda

I’ve got big dreams. BIG dreams.  Sheep. A barn with sheep. A bell and a stick.  A garden, lots of food growing everywhere. I’m looking for a change, and folks to do it with.  I guess I’ve tried some, but it just hasn’t worked out yet. Maybe I really just need to be in charge of some thing of my own.  Maybe it is about thinking I’m smarter than people. Maybe that’s what it is. Smart means working through ideas. Smart means admitting when you don’t know things.  Smart means figuring it out after a little while, and remembering. But not everyone likes smarts. I keep a silent record of the glazed over eyes, the apathy faced to the excitement of my wild tangents and personally relevant information.  There’s just so much to think about! This is really a great world we live in.

What I know I can thrive on:

        Children.  Dirt. Silence.  Sunlight. Organic matter. Weird people.  Difference. My own imagination.

What I want more of:

        Invitations.  Couth. Patience.  Sheep.

Featured writer Lindsey Scherloum

5 letters to tree “Eleven

  1. You are a beautiful tree full of wonder. I hope to meet you and revel in your majestic beauty. I want to know what you know.

    1. Thanks Annika!

      I think there is nothing more beautiful than a desert sunset. The playful clouds filling a massive sky with warm and wonderful colors. I dont have eyes to see but I can sense the sunlight on my leaves – Joshua trees actually grow towards the arc of the sun! Big fields of Joshua trees will all lean the same way.

      Being able to ask questions and be curious is one of the most awesome things there is – I hope that you have tons of questions about life and get to have fun as you discover the natural world!

      Thanks for writing,

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