Tree Name: OLI

“You Raise Me, Joshua Tree mix”

Artist: The Renderers © 2019
From the album “in the sodium light”

Tree 15: OLI

Hi. I’m OLI. Things I love include listening to the Talking Heads, stargazing, and making up little songs about my day. A secret about me is that even though I live here in the desert, I actually hate being hot. Sunrise is my absolute favorite time of day, when the world is just waking up and the sun’s rays bring all the different colors to the sky. I enjoy learning new things, exploring, listening to music and good stories, hanging out with my friends, and feeling the breeze through my branches.

Dreams for the future include seeing a humpback whale, visiting Iceland, and catching David Byrne live. I love having visitors and making new friends. Stop by and see me sometime, and don’t forget to bring the tunes!

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