Tree Name: The Earthy Bachelorette







Artist: Abandon Ship © 2018





Local Temperature: Average summer temp 99°F

Soil Moisture: 0.056m3/m3

Tree Height: 6.5 meters, Tree Branch Number: 22

Moth Number: 10 per tree

Amount of Seeds per Pod: 250


Elevation: 1331 meters

Scavenger Hunt Directions: From the Juniper flats parking lot walk down the dirt path by the registration sign for 99 steps in SW direction.



Profile Description

Tree 10: Handle: The Earthy Bachelorette


This is my first time doing this.  It feels awkward but my friends keep telling me to step out of my comfort zone. A tall, thriving Joshua Tree isn’t just going to waltz into my neck of the Mojave and sweep me up by my roots. “Try connecting with people online” they say. “If you want to find love, you’re going to have to put yourself out there.” Well, this is me putting myself out there.


I’m awkward. People often think I’m a tree and that’s ok. My name sort of implies it. To be honest, I think I come across as a total nerd. I’m into entomology, star gazing, and geology, but I’m also an old soul. The music of the desert inspires me. Coyotes howling, insects buzzing, wind whipping around ancient rock formations. It’s my symphony. The rattling of a snake, the flashing of a flood. What else? I love a good sunset yoga session. I saw a kit fox last night. It was magical.


Ideal date: Picnic in Hidden Valley at night, headlamps, first one to spot a tarantula wins.


They say we only have 100 years.  I want to spend them madly in love with a tree who makes me laugh and appreciates the simple things in life: Fresh air, cool rain, warm sun and fertile dirt.  Toss in some Billie Holiday for a splurge and you have pure perfection.


Featured writer Lacey Worel


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