Originally written by M.M. Ponce. Performed by artist: Benjamin Brown © 2019

Tree #3: Luna (30 years old)

Singing and dancing along to Selena’s “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom” since 1994.

Here’s the breakdown: I’m a nerdy, nature-loving tree who is captivated by Octavia Butler sci-fi novels and unpacking the complexities of gender. I’m a passionate “tree-cher” (tree teacher) that brings racial and environmental justice into my work with lil saplings. I’m constantly learning from them while we explore together! And I just think us plants are the coolest! I find journaling to be an incredibly therapeutic ritual and believe deeply in the power of sharing home cooked meals with family and friends. I feel most energized during a desert sunrise, but I often dream of what an ocean breeze would feel like.

Featured writer Serena Padilla

2 letters to tree “Three

  1. Hi Luna, I like your branches so much because they look like sticks of branch. And your leaves look cool. It looks like you could use them like knives.

    I love you,
    Dario (Age 4)

    1. Dear Dario,

      Thank you for writing to me! I really hope that you can come out and visit sometime and meet the birds and coyotes that live near me. The loggerhead shrike (a bird) likes to use my leaves (like knives!) to spear lizards on them and then eat the lizards for dinner! Yuk! I only “eat” soil, water, and sunlight.
      Love you back,

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