Tree Name: Aurora






“Jtree #7”

Artist: The Cuttoffs © 2019


Local Temperature: Average summer temp 101°F

Soil Moisture: 0.029m3/m3

Tree Height: 7.5 meters, Tree Branch Number: 50

Moth Number: Average of less than one moth per tree

Amount of Seeds per Pod: 236


Elevation: 1114 meters

Scavenger Hunt Directions: Head west from Quail parking lot 100 steps off of the blacktop.



Profile Description

Tree #7: Aurora

As the first rays of sunlight tickle Aurora’s nose, she lifts her arms out wide to gather the warm sun and let it sink into her trunk. Some of the other trees think this is weird to do EVERY DAY, but you know what, it makes her happy so who cares what the other trees think! Growing up an only child of two trees who were an artist and psychologist, Aurora knows she can be a bit… odd. She sometimes feels the other trees judging her, but she’s happy in her life of her morning ritual with the sun, doing yoga, writing poetry, and talking with the birds that visit her. It may not be the life for everyone, but it’s perfect for her.


Featured writer Shannon Bowen

3 letters to tree “Seven

  1. In the crisp December morning, one year after your first photo…. you were a little challenging to find! But eventually I heard my travel companion announce, ‘I FOUND IT!’. Looks like you haven’t aged, and you haven’t fallen. Still reaching for the sky! Merry Christmas, Aurora!

  2. You speak to us… I was in psychology and my family was in the arts… a cosmic bond unites us. I will come to look for you when next down that way (it’s a frequent destination for us).

  3. Aurora! We are kindred spirits! I knew it from the moment I set eyes on you, standing there gracefully welcoming the sun in salutation. I can’t wait to meet you in person someday soon. Let’s do a little desert yoga together and you can introduce me to your bird friends. Stand tall until then dear Aurora! ♥️

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