Tree Name: Shorty

“We Are We Are We”

Artist: Ministry of Fools with Ruben Garcia.
Composers: Robert Allan, Fred Drake, Ruben Garcia, Ted Quinn – © 1988

From the album “Color While You Dream”


Tree #1: Shorty

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male, maybe.

They call me Shorty. Don’t let my size fool you, i’ve been here for awhile. I’m still waiting for my growth spurt, but I come from a family of short trees, so we will see. I’ve always been interested in history and listening to the ancients talk. The old creosote next to me learned from her grandpa that giant sloth-like creatures used to roam around us and eat the fruit from my families trees. I’ve got a ton of tales like that I can share once we meet.

I can hear a grasshopper blink from a quarter mile. They call that good hearing, so I’ll know your coming. Can’t sneak up on Shorty.

They say I live on the “outskirts” of this sanctuary. I’m on the front lines baby and like to think there is someone out there who is brave, bold and beautiful and will stand ground with me. If you can’t look a wild horse in the eye, you probably don’t have the gumption for me.

Featured writer Carly Harrower

2 letters to tree “One

  1. My son and I went looking for you this evening just after dusk and maybe we didn’t walk 45 steps directly west because, sadly, we were not able to find you. But we will be back and when we return we will sing to you and take pictures so we can show you beautiful you are. Love, Ted

  2. Hey There Shorty!
    I can see you have many suitors and I’m okay with that. I believe that true love transcends ownership. I would never sneak up on you because I’d want you to hear me blazing straight towards you! ( on a marked path that doesn’t destroy your natural desert surroundings). I can’t wait to hear about the sloths and all the stories that make you truly you. You have a uniqueness that I admire:) I sense a scrappiness that envelopes me. Lucky for both of us I’ve stared deeply into the eyes of a untamed stallion until we were both weeping with joy. I feel we are kindred. Thank you for your unyielding beauty(and the seeds inside which you carry that bring life/love to all)!

    Your forever friend,
    Codie Lyn Gaunt Kinney

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