Tree Name: Josh

“Open arms”

Artist: Echos & Artifacts © 2019

Tree #12: Josh

My self-summary: I hate doing this, but here goes: Just another fun-loving guy who likes to hike, cook, watch the game, and fix stuff. I’ve also DJ’d in the past, as a thing I’d do for friends, on the side. I guess I did kinda want to do it full time, at one point, but, like catering, as soon as it became anything close to a day job, it started to suck. I’m stubborn, yeah, and am always playing devil’s advocate, I can’t really help it, which has earned me the reputation among my friends as kinda being a pain in the butt sometimes.  But I’m really loyal, and a devoted partner. Usually I have one partner for a long time, then nurse a broken heart for a long time… rinse, repeat. Getting old. I mean, that cycle is. Ok fine, I guess I am, too. But still pretty active!

What I’m doing with my life: Day job is writing code and doing brand research for a local company. Kinda dry but it pays the bills and means I can eat good food and just do the fun stuff for fun.

I’m really good at: Making a mean lobster bisque. I know, I live in the desert, but trust me. It’s good; DJing weddings; Singing off-key; Dad jokes; Compliments. I give a lot of them. And I really mean them, even!

The first thing people notice about me: The beard. I like it kinda bushy. So sue me. I just do.

Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food: This question takes too long. I mean – there’s just so much! I’ll just say Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Pearl Jam, Michael Jackson, Grandmaster Flash, Louis CK (I know I know, but sorry, I still think he’s hilarious), and Anthony Bourdain. There. Let’s talk about the rest in person.

Six things I could never do without: Family (I’ve got three brothers; we grew up tight in a small town and have all stayed in touch); Friends (duh); A nice big kitchen; Record collection; Time off work.

I spend a lot of time thinking about: What it’d be like to start a family. What would happen if there was too long a drought and we couldn’t all survive. It’s morbid, I know. Also whatever video game I’m in the middle of… and what my friends are up to.

On a typical Friday night I am: Hangin with buddies, planning a weekend getaway, just chillaxing after a tough week, playing video games, making food for somebody (or me)

You should message me if: You’re tired of this online pretend stuff and want to meet a real tree in real life.

Featured writer Sara Bernard

3 letters to tree “Twelve

  1. Oh Josh! A tree after my own heart! I love time off work (although at the moment, it’s starting to get a little lame) and I love me a big kitchen (plus all the kitchen gear to toss up some great grub!) It looks like you and I have some things in common. Want to meet up and hang out? With so many moths hanging about, I don’t know what your schedule looks like. It may be a bit of time before I get out west- but when I eventually make it to JTree NP, let’s hang! I hope the shutdown isn’t getting y’all down… Climate change is brutal, but the shutdown is more so- the only thing I can think is that we will all get through it one way or another, right?

    PS-Next time Juniper stops by, tell her thanks for all she does in looking out for you all, OK? Cheers!

  2. Hey Josh. Your hands look like maracas. I was wondering if that’s because you are always read for a party?
    (Alessio, age 7)

    1. Hi Alessio!

      I am always ready for a party – my favorite party is under a full moon during the first fall rains when the desert fills with the smell of creosote. I wave my branches in the wind and my seed pods rattle and shake. All of the jackrabbits thump their feet and the ravens and coyotes sing out. I love my desert home!

      Come say hi when you next visit Joshua Tree National Park!

      Your friend,

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