Tree Name: Zeke

“Eyes on the Trees”

Artist: Cave Clove © 2018

Tree #9: Zeke

You know that song, “and the cheese stands alone”… yup, that’s Zeke. The third to last brother of 5 boy trees, Zeke has always felt like the black sheep of the family. Everyone in his family loves dirt bikes and WWF, but Zeke loves studying lizards, building his own radios, and baking elaborate pastries. Sure everyone loves eating his croissants (they are the best in the state of California, he won a prize), but boy, do they tease him behind his back. Even though this stings, family is family and you gotta love the one you got. So Zeke hangs out near his family, but sticks to himself a lot — just like that cheese in the song.

Featured writer Shannon Bowen

One letter to tree “Nine

  1. Dear Zeke,

    From the very first glance, I knew you were special. Honestly I was looking for a tree who reminded me a bit about myself and here you are! Don’t you worry about those pesky family members, friends are where it’s at. And I would love to be yours! The cheese will no longer stand alone, my friend. I love you!!

    p.s. i would absolutely love to try those croissants of yours!

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