Tree Name: Eleanor

“Of This Dirt”

Artist: Artemis © 2019
From the album: Of This Dirt

Tree #6: Eleanor

If you don’t like tall people we probably won’t get along. I’m a little self conscious about my height and don’t like when people tease me for being “giant,” just FYI. I like to think I’m an extrovert, but I’m probably more of a homebody than I like to admit. I think I hide some of my shyness by living so close to the road. I like to see people come and go and imagine myself on a big adventure even if I never leave the desert. I’m kind of a wimp about cold weather. I stay close to my loved ones because I like being in the loop even if I’m not the center of attention.



-Hot, sunny days

-People who get my humor (it’s dry)




-People who don’t shut up

My dream date; A homemade meal we make together and enjoy after a healing sound bath at the Integratron.

Featured writer Ben Austin-Docampo

One letter to tree “Six

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