Tree Name: Jerome


Artist: La Mer © 2019



 Local Temperature: Average summer temp 102°F

Soil Moisture: 0.012m3/m3

Tree Height: 5.8 meters, Tree Branch Number: 21

Moth Number: Average of less than one moth per tree

Amount of Seeds per Pod: 215


Elevation: 1049 meters

Scavenger Hunt Directions: From cap rock parking lot head toward the Joshua tree entrance 0.2 miles little parking area on the left. From sign “apostle of the cacti” head NE 109 steps.


Profile Description

Tree # 5: Jerome

Age: 49

 When I’m not craning skywards to meditate on God and the great unknown, I’m scanning the horizon for this one they call the “Apostle of the Cacti” hoping someday she’ll come to set me free. Once it gets dark I unwind by writing letters to my local governance concerning predicted restrictions on holy water due to the draught, and when I’ve had enough of that I like to spend time searching webMD to get a better handle on my symptoms – – mind body and soul. Though I still have all my limbs, I know that my relatives over the hill are dropping like dead moths so I find it hard to ignore my flower wilt, lack of stamen stamina, peeling bark fibre and perpetual exhaustion. Although I’ve made a promise to the Lord, and can hear my biological clock ticking in my sleep, I’ve still got a lot to offer in terms of a lifetime partner. I’m stable, and in fact have never moved from the ground on which I stand currently.

 Msg me if you agree “CONGRESS STARTED THE DUSTBOWL”… once the disciples of the desert can stand together, maybe we won’t be caught dried up of all salvation, sitting pretty by these other dust devils drenched in sin when the big sun finally sets.

Featured writer Grace Ackles

One letter to tree “Five

  1. How beautiful, I don’t very often read stuff related to dating sites but when I noticed that this was a fictional site it intrigued me. You have done a fantastic job of putting yourself into the trees possible thoughts and feelings, if I was a Joshua Tree I would certainly be messaging this one ..😍🌵🌴

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